By now, you already know that regular workflow post functions run on transitions - that is, when an issue transitions from one status to another (for example, an issue transitions from OPEN to IN PROGRESS). However, what if important issue updates occur outside of status changes - without a transition taking place? 

With Event-based Actions, you can run any of the JMWE post functions (or sequences of post functions) outside of Jira workflows. These actions can be triggered by:

  • Issue Field Value Change
  • Issue Commented
  • Issue Updated
  • Issue Created
  • Issue Transitioned

​For example, when a user updates an issue or modifies certain fields, it can trigger a rule to:

See how easy it is to configure Event-based Actions:


Keep in mind that even if you use Jira's built-in automation rules, you can still benefit greatly from using JMWE's Event-based Actions - see how you can shatter Jira's workflow limitations with JMWE.

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