JMWE comes with a diverse collection of point-and-click tools you can configure without code. However, with our build-your-own workflow conditions, validators, and post-functions - powered by our simple to use scripting editor and tester - you can build virtually unlimited use cases. For coding enthusiasts, the options are truly limitless.

No coding experience? No problem! See how easy it is to set up JMWE's "Build-your-own (scripted) Condition" without 'typing' a single line of code.


Enable the transition only for Medium priority issues.

Viewing time 49 sec  

For your convenience, the steps from the above video have been outlined below.


Enable the transition only for Medium priority issues. 

  • First, select the transition you want to add the condition to.
  • Choose the Build-your-own (scripted) condition and press Add.
  • In the “Select a field”, select “Priority”. Select a snippet == "Blocker" and then change the priority from "Blocker" to "Medium".

  • You can test Jira expressions against any issue by pressing the “Test Jira expression” button.

  • If it works as expected (as above), add the condition, and you are all done. 

See it all in action in the video above.