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Whether you are creating a simple Jira project or a sophisticated one, with Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE) you can easily tailor your workflows to fit your specific needs. It lets you extend Jira’s native features to quickly build and automate your business processes. For example:

  • Automatically assign issues to users or send out custom action-based emails;
  • Change availability of transitions based on different parameters, such as statuses of linked issues or sub-tasks;
  • Automatically create one or multiple issue(s) during a transition;
  • Automatically transition the parent issue when sub-tasks are transitioned (or linked issues, or Epic/Story, etc.);
  • And so much more.

Most, if not all, of your business scenarios can be deployed and automated with Jira Misc Workflow Extensions. That’s why admins everywhere use JMWE to power millions of Jira users and consider it 'a must-have' extension.


"It's incredibly powerful and equally flexible. This is a must-have add-on."

- Joe Koch


For any scale of complexity, from basic to advanced

JMWE gives you flexible options to handle every kind of workflow scenario.



Quickly configure powerful workflows without code

Dozens of conditions, validators, and post-functions let you quickly build sophisticated workflows. They are all available within the Jira workflow designer making JMWE easy to use, even if you are just starting out on workflow automation.
View conditions,
validators & post-functions


Extend workflows further with Groovy scripting

The point-and-click tools can be extended even further with scripting. Whether using simple or sophisticated scripts, the user-friendly editor with interactive inline help, syntax highlighting, and a script tester will make it easy - even a novice can quickly master it.

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about the scripting features

It’s easy to start with JMWE

Get started quickly with easy-to-use features, comprehensive documentation, an in-depth list of configuration details, many examples and use cases, how-tos, and a code snippet library. We power workflows for millions of users and we’ve been documenting the top use cases to share them with you.


Choose from 30+ workflow conditions, validators, and post-functions, or customize with your own scripts

JMWE removes the limitations of Jira’s built-in features to allow you to quickly build sophisticated workflows.

With JMWE for Jira Server, you can easily automate your business processes. Whether you are creating straightforward workflows for bug submissions, or complex ones such as comprehensive product development processes, with JMWE's building blocks you can configure your workflows quickly.

JMWE for Jira Server provides a collection of workflow conditions, post-functions, and validators giving you all the building blocks you need to extend your workflows without code. If you’d like to customize further, you can write Groovy scripts to make your workflows even more powerful using our new JMWE Groovy editor and tester.

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JMWE powers workflows for millions of users