The ultimate collection of calculated custom fields

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Help Jira users stay on top of their game.

Display information based on computed values.

Jira Misc Custom Fields (JMCF) by Innovalog lets you create new calculated custom fields to display information based on computed values. It supercharges your ability to quickly create more useful screens, enable better search and filters, and build more powerful reports and dashboards.

You can create calculations - from simple math operations to sophisticated Groovy scripts - based on other fields and insights available in Jira. You can also expose Jira’s ‘hidden’ information - such as dates and authors of specific transitions or field changes - that is otherwise not easily accessible to users.

For example, you can do the following:
    • Display, and search by, the date and author of specific transitions;
    • Calculate values based on other fields within the same Issue;
    • Display aggregated values of related Issues;
    • Display the breakdown of all issues resolved by various teams and users in pie charts;
    • Report on auto-transitions (transitions that do not change the issue status);
    • and so much more.

How does JMCF support all your use cases?

A comprehensive collection of field types enables the creation of an unlimited number of custom fields to boost usability and decision making.



Empower users with insights ‘hidden’ in your Jira Issues

Allow users to know the WHO and WHEN of all transitions, status, and field changes. Issue information that is not otherwise accessible in Jira can now be made available in screens, reports, and dashboards – and the data is always up-to-date. It can even be used for searching and in filters.

Build powerful scripted fields in Groovy. Fast.

Display data based on computed values to support any number of use cases. Show results as text, number, date/time, duration, etc. Fields are quick to configure - JMCF now uses the same Groovy language as our leading JMWE for Jira Server app, with the same simplified Groovy API to help you write sophisticated formulas in no time. It offers our powerful editor with syntax highlighting and on-the-fly syntax checking, an interactive inline help system, and an integrated script tester to get things done faster and more accurately.

Fields are Searchable and Support Statistics!

Jira Misc Custom Fields offers multiple search templates that make it easy to search for issues based on the calculated fields. What makes JMCF unique is its support for dashboard statistics gadgets.

Bonus: JMCF search templates can also be used with non-JMCF custom fields. For example, you can use JMCF's "Date Time Searcher (Statistics-compatible by month)" to create statistics by months on a standard date/time picker field.

Each field takes only minutes to configure

JMCF's comprehensive collection of field types makes it easy to build an unlimited number of custom fields. Any of them are quickly configured right inside the Jira's custom field's “configure” page.

Need to troubleshoot? It’s simple to do, as any related errors will be displayed right on the Issue View screen (if you’re a Jira administrator).


Tailor your Jira instance to accommodate different project and departmental needs and to boost the user experience.

For Software Developers

Plan your work or sprints better

  • Automatically calculate work hours left until the due date, even excluding weekends;
  • Show the number of bugs blocking the resolution of a feature;
  • Display the release date of the issue’s Fix version;
  • Enable searching for issues that have been resolved by a specific person and within a specific time period;
  • Build single-click filters to let users see - and report on - their specific resolutions.

For Support Teams

Create better usability for support teams

  • Display all comments provided by a particular user, such as a level 3 support engineer, with the time and date;
  • Roll up all the details from a sub-task into a parent issue or within linked issues in tasks, stories, epics etc;
  • Display user availability based on their time zone or show number of underutilized members in each team to enhance escalation processes.

For Managers

Create better reports and dashboards

  • Calculate the total number of hours spent by developers on issues;
  • Display - and warn on - an issue that is open for more than the required number of days;
  • Display a pie chart to see all team’s specific resolutions for a particular period;
  • Show a dashboard with specific weekly resolutions, per user;
  • Calculate how long an issue has been open before submitting it for customer review/approval. 

Great Addon.
I created many custom calculated number fields to help me see issue statistics directly in Jira instead of exporting them and calculating in Excel.
Alexander Pappert