Innovalog partners with Atlassian experts, solution providers, Jira consultants and trainers to help make work flow.

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Enterprises seek solutions that help them be more efficient and productive, and then they turn to experts for success in Jira implementation. That's why Atlassian Solution Partners, and Jira experts, love our products - they help them do more things in Jira, with much (much!) less time and effort. As a matter of fact, over 50% of our customers come through a partner, and it's the Innovalog partner community that helped make us an Atlassian Platinum Top Vendor. 

Here is why our products are so popular with the Atlassian partner community: 

  • Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE), the top selling Jira workflow product, lets you quickly automate various  - simple and complex - workflows scenarios to meet the demands of your customers. For Jira Server, Cloud, and Data Center!
  • Jira Misc Custom Fields (JMCF) lets you create better screens, searches, filters, and dashboards for all Jira users. For Jira Server and Data Center. 
  • Free licenses of JMWE and JMCF for Jira Server for your own use;
  • Up to 20% marketplace discount on Innovalog products.


23K+ installations. 
Top-selling workflow products. 

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Pre-release announcements and a monthly Partner newsletter


Access to a dedicated partner manager

Branded sales brochures and product videos. Use of Innovalog logos and marks.

Listing in the Innovalog Experts directory


UP TO 20% OFF.

Discounted pricing is available to Atlassian Solution Partners. Request your free license for Jira Server or DC.

Co-marketing initiatives, guest blog posts, content distribution

Web-based training and Q&A between your team and ours

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