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Shared Actions: reusing post-function configurations [new in Jira Cloud]


Create shared JMWE post-functions (or sequences of post-functions) that can be reused in multiple workflow transitions. 

​In Jira Cloud, JMWE post-functions (or sequences of post-functions) can now be configured once and then added to multiple transitions across different workflows. It lets you quickly reuse (and then maintain) common configurations. For example, set multiple fields using set field value post-functions and then add them to transitions as one Shared Action, without the need to recreate them again and again. Or configure a post-function to send an email, and then reuse it in different workflows.

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Jira Misc Custom Fields (JMCF) new version release

What's new in JMCF 2.2

JMCF v 2.2 is here! This version brings new features such as the new Transition Callers field type, support for Botron's Configuration Manager, and improvements that include better Duration field types, and more.

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Verify approval in a Jira workflow


It's smart to make Jira workflows as simple and flexible as possible. I like to give users multiple ways to transition issues between statuses and even let them skip statuses when needed. But sometimes skipping a status is undesirable or creates a compliance problem. Consider an approval status for example. You'd certainly fail an audit if work was started on an issue or an issue was completed before it was approved. Luckily, Innovalog's Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE) app has a validator to prevent it.

Use Case: Before work is started or an issue reaches its final workflow status, make sure it passes through the "Approval" status.

Bonus: Conditional Approval, to allow selected issues to bypass the "Approval" status.


New must-see features in JMWE 6.2 for Jira Server & Jira Data Center

What's new in JMWE 6.2 for Jira Server and Jira Data Center

The highly-anticipated Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE) 6.2 is here, and we are excited to let you know about a few important new features, as well as many improvements.

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Why attend Atlassian Summit 2020


If you are contemplating attending Atlassian Summit 2020, consider this: you will spend a few knowledge-packed days amongst the most expert professionals, all available to you to ask questions, gather ideas, and explore future opportunities. Those professionals not only include the 'Atlassians' themselves, but also many super-knowledgeable consultants and trainers, such as our friend Rachel Wright. She is an entrepreneur, Certified JIRA Administrator, and author of the JIRA Strategy Admin Workbook.

Recently, Rachel published an article on how to convince your boss to send you to the event - get a few good ideas here.

Innovalog again is a proud sponsor of this mega event and we hope to see you in Las Vegas.