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Build your first calculated custom field with JMCF

Viewing time under 2 minutes | for Jira Misc Custom Fields

Here, we use the Transition Caller custom field type to display the person who resolved an issue (as an example). Using this custom field type, you can display, search for and report on the author of any transition based on actual transition IDs or between one, many, or all statuses. We cover the latter one in the above video. 

For your convenience, the steps from the above video have been outlined below.

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Boost your Jira Boards with JMCF calculated fields

Viewing time under 2 minutes   for Jira Misc Custom Fields

In Jira, you can customize your Board cards to help users focus on important details. You can filter according to your preferences, change colors, and display up to three fields. Adding a field you already have available in Jira is not difficult. However, you often want to show information not stored in an issue field, or pull it from a related issue. You might want to concatenate data from multiple fields, display who made the last change, show who executed a particular transition and when, and calculate how long the issue remained in the status (we show how in the above video).

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