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Say Hello to Innovalog’s JMCF 2.0 for Jira Server!

Introducing Jira Misc Custom Fields 2.0

We are super-thrilled to announce the release of Jira Misc Custom Fields (JMCF) 2.0 for Jira Server. Over the past eighteen months, we've seen an increase of feature requests for our free JMCF app. With this commercial release, we tried to implement as many requested features as possible. This highly popular app has been truly transformed and we hope that it helps customers improve their day-to-day Jira processes.

If you are new to JMCF: 

If you are not among the 8,000+ companies that are using the app, take a look at Jira Misc Custom Fields 2.0 now. It lets you display information based on computed values. JMCF 2.0 empowers users with insights 'hidden' in their Jira issues, such as dates and authors of specific transitions or field changes. It allows you to create calculations - from simple math operations to sophisticated Groovy scripts - based on other fields and insights available in Jira.

Here you can see everything you get with Jira Misc Custom Fields 2.0.

If you are a current JMCF 1.x customer:

 If you are using JMCF now you are probably somewhat familiar with its features. However, JMCF 2.0 is a completely redesigned app that now allows Jira admins to create much better screens, better search and filters, and better reports and dashboards for their users. Please read the release notes here, or visit this page to learn more about the product, or this page to see all custom field types. You can also visit the Marketplace listing and download the free trial.

Of course, now that it is available as a commercial release, we'll provide the same high level of support we offer with our other paid apps. You can still continue using the old, free version and there is no limitation for doing so (it will only receive critical bug fixes though). We do encourage you to take a look at all the new features and give it a shot with a free trial. Here is the information on how to upgrade or revert back to the older version should you choose not to purchase JMCF 2.0.

Jira Misc Custom Fields 2.0 is now available for you to try out for free through the Atlassian Marketplace.

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Wednesday, 05 October 2022

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