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New JMWE for Jira Server and Data Center v6.3 is here


We are excited to introduce a new version of JMWE for Jira Server and Data Center. It includes several significant new features, as well as many improvements. We hope that JMWE will help you automate more of your Jira workflows.  


Three new features in the Email Issue post-function: 

We are introducing the following features as part of our Email Issue post-function:

1. Add issue attachments to the notification email

You can include all the attachments of the issue, only the attachments added on the transition screen, or even attachments from other issues.

2. Display images in the email body

The image attachments referenced in the email body will be attached automatically and will appear in the email body.

3. Exclude specific users from receiving an email

The notification email is sent to the recipients you select, based on a wide range of options available to you. For example, you can notify the issue members (Reporter, Assignee, Watchers, and Voters), members of specific groups, or project role members. However, now you can also explicitly exclude recipients that fall within specific criteria.

Learn more about the Email Issue post-function.


Two new post-functions:


1. Display Message to User: showing custom messages on transition

Use the new Display Message to User workflow post-function to show a custom message on the issue view page to the user triggering the transition. For example, during a transition that creates a new issue, provide the user with a link to the newly created issue.


2. Return to Previous Status: go back to the previous status of an issue

You can use this new Return to Previous Status post-function to return the issue to the previous status, especially when multiple transitions lead to the same status, such as the "Escalated" status.


Other notable improvements:


1. The Transition Activity Tab can now be displayed conditionally

While the Transition Activity tab is enabled by default (but can be hidden) for all issues, you can now control who can see it on the issue view, and on which issues/projects it will be displayed.

2. "Negative" conditions are here

The Related Issues Condition, Related Issue Status Condition, and corresponding Validators now offer "negative" conditions (e.g., issue has no linked issues of a certain type).

3. Users can now see that the field is required

The Field Required validator will now show the red asterisk based on the initial evaluation of the conditional execution script (before the transition screen is displayed) instead of never displaying it when using conditional validation.


For Admins:

1. Post-function errors are now displayed to administrators

Whenever an error occurs during the execution of a JMWE post-function, and the transition was triggered by a Jira administrator, a message is displayed in the top-right corner of the page to help identify and troubleshoot misconfigured post-functions.

Note that this message is only displayed if the post-function is not configured to fail (and stop the transition from completing) when an error occurs.

2. New REST API to import/export shared Groovy scripts

It allows you to export individual shared scripts or all scripts at once, import new or updated shared scripts, and delete shared scripts.

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Guest - Dave Liao on Wednesday, 27 May 2020 14:17

Love the "display message to user" function - that'll come in handy.
The exclude option for email sends is useful, too!

Glad to see this update, hope your team is staying safe!

Love the "display message to user" function - that'll come in handy. The exclude option for email sends is useful, too! Glad to see this update, hope your team is staying safe!
Wednesday, 05 October 2022

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