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New features in Jira Misc Custom Fields (JMCF) now available

JMCF v 2.3.0 is here

JMCF v. 2.3.0 for Jira Server and Data Center is here, and it brings the following new features: 

Auto-indexing of related Jira issues makes searching accurate

​When displaying an issue, the value of all its Calculated (Scripted) fields is re-computed on-the-fly. Therefore, the value of any Calculated field will always be up-to-date. But when searching for issues, Jira uses the Jira index, which stores the value of all standard and custom fields and is only updated when an issue is modified (or the index is re-built).

So, in cases when the script accesses data from related issues -- sub-tasks, linked issues, stories of an Epic, etc. -- the issue will not be re-indexed if one of the related issues is modified, which can lead to the index becoming obsolete for that issue, thus making search results and data in dashboards incorrect.

To work around this Jira limitation, JMCF can now force Jira to re-index related issues when an issue is modified. However, this will increase the Jira workload, and it should, be used with caution, and only on projects and/or issue types where it is needed, and only for the right issue relationships.

Read this documentation page to learn how you can configure automatic re-indexing (auto-indexing) of related issues.

New Calculated (Scripted) Date custom field type

The Calculated (Scripted) Date custom field type is similar to the Calculated Date/Time field type, but without the time part - to be used to display and search by date without time. This makes it easier for searching and creating statistics. Plus, this will handle local time zones much better - it will show the right date irrespective of the time zone (just like Jira Standard field Due date).

Other improvements in JMCF 2.3.0

  • ​Better logging for easier debugging of calculated (scripted) fields.
  • Infinite recursions in calculated field formulas are now caught and logged.
  • It is now possible to access private components (services) of other apps from Groovy scripts (formulas).
  • Calculated Wiki/Text/Html Fields now support collapsing long field values.
  • Duration calculated fields are now supported in the Confluence Jira macro.
  • Secure Fields are now accessed directly, bypassing security.
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Wednesday, 05 October 2022

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