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New copy and set field value post functions accelerate your workflow building


Clunky Jira automation can be nearly as painful as manually solving a repetitive problem.

In that spirit, we recently released an update to Jira Misc Workflow Extensions for Jira Cloud that eliminates the need to use duplicate post functions to copy multiple field issues.

Now, a single post function, Copy issue fields, can be used to pass numerous field values from epics, issues or subtasks to any other issue fields you have.

Here's an example:

You want an issue's Assignee as the Approver of associated subtasks, while also ensuring a consistent Due date across the issue and its subtasks.

With the "Copy issue fields" post function, you simply map the issue to any related subtasks and connect Assignee to the Approver field within your Jira workflow. Do the same with the Due date fields and those field values will copy over as subtasks are created. 

Setting multiple field values 

Automation fields with pre-defined or calculated text or JSON values has long been a staple of JMWE through the "Set field value" post function. Now, however, you can set multiple field values within a single post function — no more building each in separate one-at-a-time processes. To highlight this multi-field functionality, we have renamed this post function "Set issue fields."

Some examples:

  • Text value: Add an epic's Reporter as a watcher of related user stories when a new story is created.
  • Calculated value: Set the Original Estimate field based on the difference between its creation and due dates.​

Also released this month, add the Comment Required Validator to your workflow transition to make it mandatory for the user to enter a comment while transitioning an issue. You can customize an error message to be displayed if the Comment field is left blank during the transition. You can also add conditional validation using Jira expressions to validate a transition for specific scenarios.

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Wednesday, 05 October 2022

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