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Major new features released in JMWE for Jira Cloud


We are super excited to introduce new major features in JMWE for Jira Cloud. We hope this release will help make your job easier, and while we are making our product more feature-rich, we will not be raising prices. Now is not the time to burden your team and your company. Now is the time to help you better optimize your work and automate more of your Jira workflows. 

Take a look at the new features now available in JMWE for Jira Cloud:

Shared Actions: reusing post-function configurations

Post-functions, and even sequences of post-functions, can now be configured once and then added to multiple transitions across different workflows. You can quickly reuse common configurations, making it much easier to maintain. 


Scheduled Actions: automating post-functions outside of workflows

Regular workflow post-functions run on transitions, but now you can schedule JMWE post-functions to run against issues returned by a JQL search. Scheduled Actions offer flexibility: you can set up many types of automation, such as workflow transitions, issue status updates, user changes, all based on your predefined schedules. 


Sequence of Post-functions: ensuring a predictable post-function execution order

In Jira Cloud, during a transition, all post-functions run in parallel. This new post-function, Sequence of Post-functions, allows you to combine other JMWE post-functions into one sequence so that they can all run in a predefined order. The Sequence of Post-functions guarantees the order of events and replaces the need for using delayed execution. 


Display Message to User: showing custom messages on transition

The new Display Message to User workflow post-function post-function will enable you to show a custom message on the issue view page to the user triggering the transition. 

For example, during the transition that creates a new issue, provide the user with a link to the newly created issue.​ 


Easily access JMWE's top features with one click

JMWE Admin features are now available on the new Overview (a.k.a. Admin Console) page. If you are a Jira Administrator, here is how to find it:

1. If you already have the new navigation system, go to Jira Misc Workflow Extensions right from Jira's top Apps menu.

2. As always, you can quickly access the Overview page by simply typing gg and then overview from any Jira page.

3. Access it by going to the Apps Admin section, and then locating Overview (in the Jira Misc Workflow Extensions section) on the left.

Other improvements and bug fixes can be found in the release notes.
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Wednesday, 05 October 2022

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