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Latest JMWE cloud release expands Event-based Action triggers


Since their release last year, Event-based Actions have enabled thousands of Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE) Cloud customers to quickly create automations outside of workflow transitions.

With the latest update of JMWE Cloud, the Event-based Actions tool now has several new triggers that can connect with any post function:

  • Issue deleted
  • Attachment created/deleted
  • Issue Link added/deleted
  • Work Log created/updated/deleted

Consider a scenario where a user story gets moved from one epic to another. Imagine you're an online retailer with an epic focused on decreasing shopping cart abandonment. You have a user story featuring your customer's desire to see the number of cart items and their total cost while still browsing the site.

Suppose short-term technical limitations cause this story to move to a forthcoming epic. Native Jira functionality won't reallocate those story points. With JMWE's Event-based Actions, you can trigger a fresh story-point calculation in your current epic when the linked issue (user story) is deleted. You could do the same in the second epic when a new user story is linked.

Just as simply, Event-based Actions can display a message to a user creating a new Work Log to remind them of your organization's guidelines around time tracking.

Additionally, the latest JMWE release allows for working time calculations using the date filters in Nunjucks templates. You can use a variety of methods to calculate the difference between two moments in time, add a number of working days, and incorporate predefined holidays.
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Sunday, 04 December 2022

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