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New: Take your JMWE automation outside workflows (Jira Server/Data Center)


Since the initial launch of Jira Misc Workflow Extensions back in 2008, we have regularly added features and functionality to make your management of Jira easier. As powerful as Jira workflows are, however, they aren't the only solution for every automation need, which is precisely the focus of our latest version, 7.0. Your Jira data center and server automation can now extend well beyond traditional workflows.

Here's what's new for data center and server:

  • Event-based Actions
  • Scheduled Actions
  • Shared Actions

Event-based Actions

Event-based Actions let you run any post function (or sequences of post functions) outside of status changes in Jira workflows using triggers including:

  • Issue Field Value Change
  • Issue Commented
  • Issue Updated
  • Issue Created & Issue Transitioned

These actions can keep issue fields synchronized, validate field changes, develop highly focused email notifications, and much more — all without service limits of Automation for Jira.

Scheduled Actions

Regular workflow post functions run on transitions, but with Scheduled Actions you can schedule post functions to run against issues returned by a JQL search.

This enables you to automate post-function execution at specific times on selected issues of your Jira instance, such as:

  • Send emails automatically every day
  • Create a new subtask every week
  • Update issue with information from another Jira instance every hour

Shared Actions

Rest assured, JMWE hasn't left Jira workflows behind by any means. In fact, the third major feature — Shared Actions — in this latest release is specific to workflows and is designed to ease your administrative burden.

Reusing and updating your workhorse post functions — or sequences of post functions — is now a simplified, standardized JMWE feature. Post functions can now be configured once and then added to multiple transitions across different workflows. You can quickly reuse common configurations, making them much easier to maintain across your Jira instance.

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