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Jira Server End of Life: 10 things to know to make a better decision

9 things to know to make a better decision migrating from Jira Server

Since Atlassian has published the end-of-life timeline for Jira Server, we'd like to address a few points regarding features, pricing, and licensing related to our products. Hopefully, this can help you make confident decisions as you develop a plan for your team.  Please be aware that Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE) is available on all Jira instances; Jira Misc Custom Fields (JMCF) is available for Jira Data Center (DC) and Jira Server.

1. New features will continue to be released on Jira Server

In case you'd like to stay on Jira Server longer, we will not leave JMWE for Jira Server behind (since JMWE and JMCF DC features are the same as on Server), as long as Atlassian allows us to release new updates (until 2024).

Migrating to Jira Cloud

2. JMWE is available in Jira Cloud, with some differences - and even more features

Most of JMWE for Jira Server/DC's workflow functionality can be accommodated - here is some useful information to help you migrate. Plus, JMWE for Jira Cloud now offers additional features, such as sharing of workflow post-functions and scheduling actions outside of workflows. Even more are coming soon.​ Related: Here, Atlassian shows all apps available with a migration path.

3. Jira's built-in automation features are NOT a replacement for the Jira workflow automation apps

There are significant differences in how JMWE and Jira's built-in automation features empower your automations. Using JMWE for Jira Cloud Standard will also ensure that you can automate processes across the organization or multiple projects without limitations. This feature alone will give Jira Standard much of the power of Jira Premium, without the high price tag. Read this Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Workflow App to learn more.

4. If you are using Atlassian's migration tool, you will need to manually re-add workflow post-functions, conditions, and validators to all your workflows - for now

While Atlassian's free Jira Cloud Migration Assistant helps you move things like Jira projects, users, and configurations from server to cloud, it is still in development and currently does not support migration of workflow extensions. This means that when migrating workflows, you will need to manually rebuild all third-party post-functions, conditions, and validators. However, this will change in the future, likely in the first half of 2021. Once Atlassian makes proper APIs available, we'll provide a way to migrate all JMWE workflow extensions.

5. Discounts are available for migrating to Jira Cloud 

As part of the Atlassian loyalty program, we at Innovalog will also offer certain discounts for Cloud instances of 1001+ users. To take advantage of it, please contact Atlassian's Purchasing and Licensing service desk as they will help you with pricing up the entire deal, and they will contact us directly for assistance. 

6. Going to the Cloud with JMWE is a smart choice

JMWE is a proven and trusted app: it is the #5 overall top-selling app for Jira Cloud and the #1 top-selling workflow app. If you are making this purchasing decision on behalf of your entire organization, know that our commitment to delivering the best and most extensible workflow automation features is unwavering.

7. JMCF is not available in Jira Cloud
We hope Atlassian will soon release the required APIs that will enable us to develop JMCF functionality for Jira Cloud. Unfortunately, for now, we don't have a timeline on this. To continue using JMCF, please consider upgrading to Jira Data Center instead.

Upgrading to Jira Data Center

8. JMWE and JMCF are both available in Jira Data Center

While the feature set is the same between Data Center and Server, the DC apps include specific features to support cluster-based deployment. You can learn more about DC-approved apps here.

9. Upgrading to Data Center is as simple as applying a new license

You can upgrade from Jira Server to Jira Data Center without changing your current infrastructure. You can simply update your Jira Server license to a Data Center license - just make the decision by February 2nd, 2021 to benefit from better pricing from Atlassian.

However, you'll also need to upgrade apps installed on your server to their Data Center version - be sure to check that apps you need are available on DC. JMWE and JMCF are both available for Jira Data Center, and you can simply subscribe to the DC version of our apps and, assuming you are running the latest version of our apps, simply update the license.

10. The 'unused' portion of the Server maintenance will NOT go to waste - it can be applied toward your new DC subscription

An active maintenance gives you ample support resources should you need assistance during the upgrade or migration process, and now, you don't have to worry about your maintenance fee going to waste. Once you are ready to move to Jira Data Center, according to Atlassian, a credit for your Jira Server license - based on the user tier - will be applied in the form of a fixed discount (program valid until February 2nd, 2021). However, for Marketplace apps, the discount is calculated as the remaining (unused) server maintenance amount. To claim this amount for JMWE or JMCF (as well as other apps), please request the credit from Atlassian's Purchasing and Licensing service desk.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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