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Jira Misc Custom Fields (JMCF) new version release

What's new in JMCF 2.2

JMCF v 2.2 is here! This version brings new features such as the new Transition Callers field type, support for Botron's Configuration Manager, and improvements that include better Duration field types, and more.

NEW: "Transition Callers" field type

One of JMCF's commonly used custom field types (Transition Caller) displays the user who was first or last to execute selected workflow transitions. But what if a particular transition was executed several times, by different users? Or you want to display all users who executed several selected transitions, all in one field?

Now you can, with a Transition Callers field type. It will list all users who triggered one or more selected transitions on the issue. It will show it as a comma-separated list of the display names of the user.

As with all JMCF field types, you can customize how the calculated field displays the value on the issue detail view and on the search list view. You can also search for issues based on that field, and use the field in statistics gadgets on your dashboards.

To learn more about this Jira calculated field type, visit this page. 

Improvements to Duration fields

Duration fields now support a precision setting (seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks,...) that applies to both display and statistics. Calculated (scripted) Duration fields now also support negative durations.   
For additional improvements, read these release notes.

Configuration Manager support

JMCF now supports Botron's Configuration Manager. This enterprise-level app captures all your Jira configurations and issues data in a self-contained, portable snapshot that can be deployed on any Jira instance. This means that you will now be able to use Configuration Manager to move JMCF custom fields from one Jira instance to another, for example, between Test, Staging, and Production environments, with only minimal effort (see the documentation for limitations).

Midori's Better Excel Exporter for Jira now supports JMCF

While not an official part of the JMCF 2.2 version release, it is worth noting that Midori's Better Excel Exporter for Jira now supports Jira Misc Custom Fields (JMCF). This means that you can export your custom fields, and other data, to Excel - in real XLSX/XLS formats. You can then use all of Excel's powerful data-crunching features such as formulas, charts, pivot tables, and pivot charts, to drill down even further on your Jira insights. It also works with Google Spreadsheets and Open Office. Here is how Better Excel Exporter works with JMCF.

To learn more about JMCF, visit our Marketplace page, or explore our product website


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