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Improve handling of SPAM for Jira Service Desk (JSD) Agents

Improve handling of SPAM in Jira

If you set up a Jira Service Desk email address, when a customer submits a support request by email, it is captured and becomes a new ticket (issue). These are added to your queues so that your team can focus on all your customer requests in one place. Sometimes, however, issues might not be relevant and you and you might consider it SPAM. 

When SPAM issues accumulate, dealing with these issues causes loss of productivity and an annoyance for your agents. Plus, they distort the true picture of agent performance and customer volume requests. The time that your agents spend processing SPAM could be instead spent on answering more support tickets, faster.

Minimizing the effects of SPAM on your team is a task you might be confronted with. Here is how one of our customers helped Agents to improve processes of dealing with SPAM with workflow automation powered by Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE), without any additional email software. 

How to minimize the impact of 'SPAM' issues in Jira Service Desk


SPAM floods Jira Service Desk addresses creating multiple issues and frustrating Agents. To avoid wasting their time - plus an interference with statistics and escalated total-time-to-resolution (TTR) - they needed to deal with SPAM more efficiently.

Solution: Create a "Close as SPAM" workflow

They have added a new status - SPAM-Close - to the workflow. Whenever an Agent identifies an issue as SPAM, he/she simply drags it to the "Done" Column of the Kanban board and chooses the SPAM-Close option rather than the typical "Close". Then, in addition to closing the current issue, the JMWE post-function is added. It automates the creation of a new issue, which is addressed to a Jira Administrator. It copies the reporter info (SPAM Sender) to that new issue so that the user access can be revoked in the Admin Console, preventing further issues being created from that account.

JMWE makes clearing Agents' worklist and identifying real issue quick and easy, all without installing another third-party email management add-on.

Implementation of the above scenario in Jira Cloud:

Create SPAM-CLOSE status.

Add the "Create issue(s)" JMWE post-function to the transition leading to SPAM-CLOSE​.

On Status = SPAM-Close, create a new issue with summary: SPAM / PHISHING / DIRECT MARKETING - {{issue.fields.summary}}

The issue is created in one of our Administrator's Projects and immediately assigned to the Admin User.

Copy the Reporter value from the Original issue to the new issue.

Copy Transition Comment to the new issue and add a new predefined comment to the new issue.

Note: Similar steps apply to implement this solution in Jira Server and Jira Data Center

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