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How to require attachments, conditionally

Require attachments, conditionally - for Jira

​This solution was provided by Sait Kiremit. It has earned a $50 donation to FIRST by Blended Perspectives. 


​In Jira Service Desk, a customer request type needs either a custom field or an attachment. For example, if the user does not enter the value in the custom field called "Request Participants" on the request screen, the user will be warned of a required attachment. If the user enters the "Request Participants" field, this warning will disappear when creating a request.


Using JMWE's "Fields Required" Validator, you can ensure that if the custom field is left empty, an attachment is required. However, if the field is not empty, no attachment will be required.


1. Click Edit for the workflow that has the transition you wish to configure the validator on.

2. In the Workflow Designer, select the transition. In this example, we use "Create Issue" transition.

3. Click on Validators in the properties panel.

4. Click on Add validator.

5. Select Fields Required Validator (JMWE app) operation on issue from the list of validators.

6. Click on Add to add the validator on the transition.

7. Choose the field you want to be required or not.

8. When the conditions are not met, you can enter an Error message that will appear on the user screen.

9. Choose the Conditional validation for conditions. 

10. Click the Issue Fields tab to choose a customfield.

11. Select the following command that checks if the customfield value is empty under the "Testing the field's value" button

12. As follows, we provided the validator regulations.

13. Optionally, you can choose the asterisks(*) to appear on the screen. Then, click the Add and publish the workflow.


If the user does not enter the "Request Participants" field on the request screen, the user will be warned that the attachment field is mandatory. If the user enters this "Request Participants" field, this warning will disappear when creating a request.

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