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Event-based Actions bring Jira automation outside of workflow transitions (Jira Server/Data Center)

 Workflow post functions are a fantastic automation tool that enable Jira admins worldwide to move on from mundane, manual tasks and get to work that matters.

But when it comes to issue changes outside of a workflow transition — whether a field update, issue comment, etc. — the automation magic vanishes.

JMWE now offers Event-based Actions on Jira server and data center, extending the same post-function power from workflows to an abundance of issue changes, including:

  • Issue field value change
  • Issue commented
  • Issue updated
  • Issue created & issue transitioned
Here are three video use cases, using different post functions:

1. Synchronize issues: Keep subtask priority in line with changes to parent issue

2. Perform quick field calculations: Use existing field values to dynamically configure value of different field

3. Validate field changes: Check value of field calculation against requirements and show guided messages to users

Schedule post functions to run at set times (Jira...
New copy and set field value post functions accele...

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Thursday, 29 September 2022

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