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Jira Misc Custom Fields adds new calculated labels, time in status functionality

 Displaying the information you need where you want to see it in Jira has always been the core value of Jira Misc Custom Fields.

With the latest JMCF release, users have several new options to reveal even deeper Jira insights.

For instance, you can now display calculated labels fields. Calculated labels enhance your ability to search by prompting you with a list of possible values as you search.

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Latest JMWE cloud release expands Event-based Action triggers


Since their release last year, Event-based Actions have enabled thousands of Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE) Cloud customers to quickly create automations outside of workflow transitions.

With the latest update of JMWE Cloud, the Event-based Actions tool now has several new triggers that can connect with any post function:

  • Issue deleted
  • Attachment created/deleted
  • Issue Link added/deleted
  • Work Log created/updated/deleted
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New: Take your JMWE automation outside workflows (Jira Server/Data Center)


Since the initial launch of Jira Misc Workflow Extensions back in 2008, we have regularly added features and functionality to make your management of Jira easier. As powerful as Jira workflows are, however, they aren't the only solution for every automation need, which is precisely the focus of our latest version, 7.0. Your Jira data center and server automation can now extend well beyond traditional workflows.

Here's what's new for data center and server:

  • Event-based Actions
  • Scheduled Actions
  • Shared Actions
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Reuse post-function configurations across your automation (Jira Server/Data Center)

 Once your Jira instance has multiple workflows, it's not long before you'll find yourself recreating the same post functions (and sequences of post functions) on numerous transitions and projects.

Now with JMWE on Jira server and Data Center, post functions — and post-function sequences — can be created once and reused across multiple workflows. Using the Shared Actions post function, you can create and more easily maintain a single source of truth for any of your commonly configured post functions.

For example, set multiple fields using set field value post functions and then add them to various transitions as one Shared Action, without the need to recreate them again and again. Or configure a post function to send an email, and then reuse it in different workflows.

And because they are post-function based, Shared Actions can also be used outside of Jira workflows with JMWE's Event-based Actions and Scheduled Actions.

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Schedule post functions to run at set times (Jira Server/Data Center)

Regular workflow post-functions run on transitions, but now you can schedule JMWE post-functions to run against issues returned by a JQL search. For example, you can automatically transition any issue escalated yet not addressed within your SLA threshold.

Things to know: 

  • ​Works based on predefined times, not workflow transitions
  • Flexible scheduling allows for any frequency (10-minute minimum)
  • Can execute many types of automations, such as workflow transitions, issue status and user changes, all in sequence
  • Can toggle on and off to update existing projects and make bulk changes (blog post)
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