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We know you have ideas on how to make your Jira workflows better, and we hope Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE) and Jira Misc Custom Fields (JMCF) help you do that. 

Take a few minutes, share how you use JMWE or JMCF and we'll share it with the world (we will respect anonymity if you prefer). Not sure how it would look? Just see the three real-life use cases below already shared by other Jira super-stars. 

Submit by May 31st, 2019 and you'll qualify to win a NINTENDO SWITCH gaming console. For each use cases you submit and we publish, you get one chance at the prize. There is no limit on the number of entries, but these must be usable, executable, real-life use cases that you have implemented in your instance. The form is short: first, the use cases submission questionnaire, then your contact information. That's it.  


Estimating Probable Resolution Dates for Backlog Tasks

To help with roadmap/sprint planning for Product & Marketing Managers, Development Managers 

As a product owner, I am in charge of the backlog prioritization process. I need to understand roughly what issues can be completed by a certain date (by the end of the month or a quarter) depending on the order (rank) in which they will be completed.

Using JMCF, a calculated "probable resolution date" is displayed on issues, taking into account the rank (order) of each. Now, when the rank of issues is changed in the backlog, the probable resolution date is recalculated for each - including issues that are not on top of our backlog - and displayed right inside the Jira Board Card. It helps prioritize and to avoid the need to prepare a detailed description of tasks that will not be started during a certain period.

Submitted by Vitalii Stavropolskyi
Implemented in Jira Software
Product used: JMCF for Jira Server
Calculated (Scripted) Date/Time custom field type
Point-and-click config + Groovy Scripting

Auto-generation of tasks with dynamically generated names 

To increase productivity with automated task creation for Managers of Installations

When Installation Managers create an Epic, they need the same five tasks automatically created for each. However, the names of tasks need to be dynamically generated to include the location site and the product, so that when they view these tasks, they know exactly what they are working on.

With JMWE, when an Epic is created, five automatic tasks are automatically created. Two custom fields (for site location and product) are "glued" together and then added to the name of the auto-generated tasks preceding the pre-defined task names (ex: CCL-ATG Kick-off Meeting). 

Submitted by Carl E. Allen
Implemented in Jira Software
Product Used: JMWE for Jira Server
Create/Clone issue post-function
Point-and-click config + Groovy scripting

Auto-generation of release names 

To ensure consistency in DevOps processes with the automated build-name generation

In order for our DevOps to work effectively, the build names across the company need to be uniform and never-changing. Otherwise, users are making mistakes with the free-typing option in Jira Releases and therefore breaking our automation rules. 

We auto-generate build names with JMWE by taking the last project’s Jira version and then automatically generating the next major release version in a proper format. Now, when a user creates an issue, it automatically creates a matching release in the project as well as in the Git Repository. 

This thing just saved us so much troubleshooting, I Love JMWE

Submitted by Carl E. Allen
Implemented in Jira Software
Product used: JMWE for Jira Server
Scripted (Groovy) operation on issue post-function 
Groovy scripting
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We know you have ideas on how to make your Jira workflows better, and we hope our products help you do that. Take a few minutes, share how you use JMWE or JMCF and we'll share it with the world (we will respect anonymity if you prefer).


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