Jira workflow conditions control whether the transition should be visible to the user.  
If a condition fails, the user will not see the transition button on the 'View issue' page and will not be able to execute the transition. With JMWE, you can build many rules using our point-and-click conditions and even build your own.


Ensure that an epic cannot be closed until all its stories are closed.

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For your convenience, the steps from the above video have been outlined below.


An epic cannot be closed until all its stories are closed

  • In the Issue Link Type, select “is Epic of” (this means that the issue on which the condition will run is the Epic of the Stories that need to be checked).
  • Check off the DONE status (the status in which the linked issues must be for the transition to be enabled).

  • Add the condition, publish the workflow, and check your work. 

See it all in action in the video above.