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Jira Misc Workflow Extensions

Jira Misc
Workflow Extensions

All-in-one app for building Jira workflows with little or no code. Automate with the ultimate collection of workflow conditions, validators, and post-functions, or do even more with easy yet powerful scripting.
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Jira Misc
Custom Fields

Display information based on computed values with calculated custom fields. Create more useful screens, enable better search and filters, and build more powerful reports and dashboards.
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  • Extremely useful plugin, I recommend it to everybody who looks for complicated custom workflows solution. Separate thanks for rapid bugreport response. A submitted problem report was fixed same day.

    Alex Kotenko
  • Nicely thought out extensions. Very useful while working with custom workflow. Made my life much easier. Thanks.

    Shakir Shaikh
  • I highly recommend this plugin. Personally I install it on all systems where I'm developing a custom workflow for the team or customers. It has great validators and post-functions allowing you to supercharge your workflows!

  • Pretty much every funky workflow situation was resolved with the help of this plugin. Much appreciated!

    Nicholas Holmes
  • Consistently useful functionality, indeed so useful that the plugin is a default in Jira OnDemand. One of the best plugins out there.

    Matt Doar
  • Excellent plug-in, definitely a must have.

    Arik Kfir
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