JMWE for JIRA CloudBuild JIRA workflows without code

Have questions about recent changes to your JWME for JIRA Cloud license?

After the free 30-day trial, you will be charged the following license fees:

  • Up to 10 users
  • $5
  • per month
  • 11 - 15 users
  • $10
  • per month
  • 16 - 25 users
  • $15
  • per month
  • 26 - 50 users
  • $25
  • per month
  • 51 - 100 users
  • $50
  • per month
  • 101 - 500 users
  • $95
  • per month
  • 501 - 2000 users
  • $195
  • per month

To start a new trial or to purchase a license after your trial ends, please log into your JIRA instance as an Admin.

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Paid-via-Atlassian Pricing FAQ

How does cloud add-on pricing work?

As of September 2016, JMWE has become a paid add-on according to the above-published prices. Though it is hosted by Innovalog, the maker of JMWE, you must still purchase licenses directly through Atlassian. You are eligible for support and automatic version updates as long as your subscription is active.

Your subscription automatically renews every month. Annual pricing is also available and follows standard Atlassian pricing model. Your pricing tier for host products and add-ons is automatically upgraded (as necessary) when you add users to your instance.

Why is JMWE add-on no longer free?

To learn more about recent changes to JMWE for JIRA Cloud, review our Migration FAQs.


How do I determine my cloud pricing tier?

The cloud add-on tier is set automatically based on the maximum tier of the licensed JIRA applications on your instance. For example, if you have JIRA Software (50 users) and JIRA Service Desk (10 agents) on the same instance, your add-on tier is 50 users.

Can I extend my free trial?

For cloud add-ons, you cannot extend your free evaluation period. All cloud add-ons are immediately subscribed by a user, and we provide a free evaluation period. This is a minimum of 30 days and ends on the second billing cycle after you first subscribe to the add-on.