• Implement advanced Jira workflows
    with little or no code

    Choose from 30+ workflow conditions, validators, and post-functions, or customize with your own scripts.
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  • The new JMWE for Jira Server 5.0 is here!

    With redesigned look and feel, brand new JMWE Groovy editor and tester, new documentation and features, this is our biggest release ever!

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    Innovalog counts thousands of companies as customers and powers workflows for millions of users

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Customer Testimonials

Here is what some of our customers have to say about our products
  • Extremely useful plugin, I recommend it to everybody who looks for complicated custom workflows solution. Separate thanks for rapid bugreport response. A submitted problem report was fixed same day.

    Alex Kotenko
  • Nicely thought out extensions. Very useful while working with custom workflow. Made my life much easier. Thanks.

    Shakir Shaikh
  • I highly recommend this plugin. Personally I install it on all systems where I'm developing a custom workflow for the team or customers. It has great validators and post-functions allowing you to supercharge your workflows!

  • Pretty much every funky workflow situation was resolved with the help of this plugin. Much appreciated!

    Nicholas Holmes
  • Consistently useful functionality, indeed so useful that the plugin is a default in Jira OnDemand. One of the best plugins out there.

    Matt Doar
  • Excellent plug-in, definitely a must have.

    Arik Kfir
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